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eSite x10 is the world’s first telecom site power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards.  It is a patented, sealed tamper-proof unit with passive convection cooling, no filters, no moving parts and it requires no maintenance.  eSite x10 is the future of telecom site power.

eSite x10 is like no other telecom site power system available today and its launch is seen as a ground-breaking moment in our industry’s history.  We began its development in 2013 based on extensive experience from our telecom site power projects in Africa and Asia, and the observation that the current crop of telecom site power systems in the market simply hadn’t lived up to their promises.

Recurring problems included regular component failure due to the use of indoor power components deployed in extreme outdoor environments; system contamination and tampering by poorly qualified maintenance personnel; and complicated installation and commissioning processes allowing for multiple errors.  Typical telecom site power systems simply weren’t fit for purpose.

eSite x10 has been developed to overcome these issues and is the world’s first telecom site power system that has been purpose-built from an individual component level to withstand the operational challenges that have been the downfall of nigh on all of the hybrid power implementations around the world to date.


Sealed, maintenance-free unit with no moving parts

eSite x10 is an IP65 sealed, ruggedized unit fully protected against the risk of damage from polluted outside air and tampering.
It uses passive convection cooling with no filters or moving parts that would require maintenance (omitted maintenance is a common source of system issues today).
And eSite x10 uses patented protective soft power switching between the grid and connected gensets to replace mechanical switching and thus protect the unit from potentially damaging input.

Hybrid power for telecom sites - cut your diesel costs

Significantly cut your diesel costs

If you run base stations with unreliable grid power or fully off-grid, you know that the diesel costs are substantial. Not so with eSite – a fully integrated and optimised site power solution that can deliver a huge reduction in diesel fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and energy-related OPEX.

eSite x10 uses passive convection cooling, meaning no energy is wasted even in cases when air-conditioning would otherwise be needed.  And integrated support for solar power saves both diesel and prolongs battery life.

eSite Tools

Sustained performance from data you can trust

With sensors built in to the unit and calibrated in the factory, eSite x10 ensures reliable data from the source.  eSite x10 makes use of a substantial local data buffer to avoid any possibility of data loss. Uploaded data is stored in a safe and cost-efficient data cloud, where it can be accessed by eSite Tools for analysis and by web services (REST and SOAP) for smooth integration with other systems.


Single unit type that is easy to transport and install

With eSite x10, deployment planning is greatly simplified by having a single unit that is preconfigured to handle all site types.  All required systems are already in the unit making installation a simple and quick plug & play process.  Power sources, batteries, and tenants are easily added in the connection compartment.  And eSite x10 is compact to transport and can be hand-carried to site, avoiding the requirement for cranes.

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