eSite Telecom Site Power Systems


In order to maintain the highest sustained telecom site power system performance and the lowest operational costs over time, the ability to gather reliable network data is key.  Reliable data is a critical enabler for site profitability – especially in a network with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of sites – and eSite Tools is capable of accurately pinpointing not only which sites are deviating from set KPIs, but also why they are doing so.

And if eSite Tools’ powerful set of remote management capabilities is not able to resolve the issue and a call-out is needed, the right person can be sent to site with the right tools and spares every time.  Accurate and efficient.

For more information download the eSite x10 brochure and datasheet or contact one of our eSite Tools product specialists.

Flexenclosure eSite Tools

eSite Tools correct installation

Correct installation, every time

Performance issues with many telecom site power systems often begin as a result of incorrect initial installation or commissioning on site. This is simply not possible with eSite x10, as eSite Tools provides all configuration data remotely with no decisions needing to be made on site – thus removing the risk of mistakes being made by installers.  And with eSite Tools automatically synchronising configuration data across the entire network, it ensures that all eSite x10 units will always be up to date for effective centralised management and decision-making.

Read more about Flexenclosure’s services offering which includes remote eSite x10 software upgrades and support.

eSite Tools data you can trust

Data you can trust

With sensors built in to the unit and calibrated in the factory, eSite x10 ensures reliable data from the source and avoids the possibility of anyone tampering with the sensors (and therefore the data they collect). For data communication, eSite x10 uses a proprietary protocol specifically designed to handle unstable data networks and also makes use of a substantial local data buffer to avoid any possibility of data loss.  Once uploaded from the sites, data is stored in a safe and cost-efficient data cloud, where it can be accessed by eSite Tools for analysis and by web services (REST and SOAP) for smooth integration with other systems.  A network level SNMP interface is provided for legacy systems integration.

eSite x10 Constant control

Constant control

eSite Tools provides a long and growing list of software tools to maintain the highest sustained eSite x10 system performance.  In addition to advanced site monitoring, network level tools are provided to manage site performance versus target KPIs for different site types (solar, grid-genset, genset only, etc.), while also taking into account actual site loads.  eSite Tools’ intuitive user interface makes drilling-down into any particular site’s data very easy.  With batteries often accounting for a significant part of a site’s costs, eSite Tools ensures all relevant battery data is safely stored to enable planned replacements and for use in potential battery claims.  And with most tower companies operating under power uptime SLAs with their tenants, eSite Tools will provide proof that the hybrid power system has remained operational even when there has been an issue with the tenant equipment, such as a tripped fuse.


Informed decision making

eSite x10 enables efficient harvesting of power from bad power grids.  While doing so, eSite Tools will collect detailed data to understand the power grid’s characteristics over time at each site.  This is a highly valuable resource – one that is typically not available today – and when combined with site power load data, enables fully informed site dimensioning to minimise total the cost of ownership.  eSite Tools takes the guesswork out of decision making and can be used to optimise every aspect of a site’s setup from determining the best battery size, to the impact of introducing solar power, etc.