eSite Telecom Site Power Systems


eSite x10 has been designed for the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO), with a design life exceeding ten years in even the most challenging outdoor telecom site environments. It avoids unexpected OPEX exposure for callouts to the site due to tampering, clogged cooling filters, fake spares, damaged electronics (due to bad quality power inputs), etc., because it has been designed from the ground up to be immune from all of these typical issues.  In fact, the eSite x10 unit – with its ruggedized, tamper-free sealed unit and no moving parts – requires no maintenance whatsoever.

As for the rest of the site infrastructure, eSite x10’s fully integrated eSite Tools suite collects all the necessary data to optimise service visits for gensets, batteries and any other attached peripheral equipment.  Site visits can therefore be properly planned, enabling the right person with the right tools and spares to be sent to the site, thus enabling a huge reduction in typical operational spending.

Site Load (kW) Battery Bank
Solar Array (kWp) Grid Availability
Genset Runhours
Daily Fuel Consumption
0.75 800 2 0 2.6 6.6
1.5 800 4 0 4.1 11.7
3 800 6 0 7.3 23.0
4.5 1500 0 6 7.8 25.6

eSite x10 has a typical payback period for diesel-site upgrades of less than one year


Diesel Savings

In any typical telecom site environment, the single largest OPEX item related to telecom site power is diesel fuel.  To guarantee the lowest diesel consumption possible, eSite x10 uses the latest evolution of Flexenclosure’s patented control software that has been proven over time in large-scale deployments of previous generations of eSite.  And with eSite x10 the results are improved yet further, as the unit wastes no power on internal cooling – even in environments where other telecom site power systems would need to resort to using power-hungry active air conditioners.  The result?  Significant diesel cost savings.


Solar Opportunity

eSite x10 has built-in support for 6kWp solar power (or ~40sqm of solar panels), as this is typically what can be effectively fitted into telecom tower sites.  With the harvesting of solar energy reducing the use of diesel power and increasing battery life, the result is a very short payback period for solar panels.  And as solar panel prices continue to commoditise, the business case for solar power will only continue to improve.


Battery Management

Batteries make up a significant part of any telecom site power system investment, so eSite x10’s control software has been optimised in conjunction with a range of major battery suppliers to maximise battery life and site performance – both critical for achieving a low TCO.  And unlike the basic parameter-based battery management systems (BMS) often used with competing hybrid power systems, eSite x10 makes use of a far more powerful software-defined BMS, storing all data centrally using eSite Tools.


Grid Harvesting

Many operators will avoid connecting sites to a highly unstable power grid due to the damage it can cause to a telecom site power system’s power electronics.  But in doing so, the opportunity to harvest valuable grid power is lost.  Not so with eSite x10 though, with it’s built-in electrical protection systems.  Further, eSite x10 brings harvesting of available grid power to the next level – with its wide tolerance for voltage and frequency variations and where power can be harvested from any single grid phase at a time.  In addition, reliable eSite Tools data facilitates system optimisation through understanding the power grid’s characteristics at each site over time.


Sustained performance

eSite Tools ensures reliable and complete data from the network, including batteries, genset power, solar power, etc. To maintain sustained performance over time, it is important to track site performance versus target KPIs for different site types and to create deviation reports for proactive follow-up. Batteries make up a significant part of hybrid site CAPEX, making network-level tools for replacements and potential warranty claims key to reach sustainable performance targets.


Logistics Simplification

eSite x10’s fully integrated design and suitcase-sized form factor mean it is compact to ship and can be hand-carried to site.  This significantly reduces both the cost and time required for its transport and site installation.  And since the eSite x10 unit is pre-configured for all site types, project logistics costs (including mistakes!) can be minimised.