eSite Telecom Site Power Systems


eSite™ x10 is designed to withstand the harsh operational environments often encountered at telecom sites and to minimise site call-out and replacement costs.

The unit is internally redundant with three independent AC input power channels of 3.5kW each. If one AC power channel fails, the other two AC input channels will remain operational to serve site loads. In the event of a hardware fault, the unit will create a detailed alarm in eSite Tools recommending that the unit is replaced. There is no need for advanced troubleshooting on site.

The replacement process on site is extremely simple with the eSite x10 main unit simply lifted off its connection compartment and a new one slotted in its place. The SIM card is then swapped from the old unit in to the new eSite x10, at which point all site-specific system settings will automatically be downloaded from the eSite Tools server and the system will then be up and running again.

In the event of intermittent or no mobile network coverage, all system settings can be transferred via Wi-Fi from the site technician’s laptop or smartphone. This is a hot swap process during which tenants get continuous power supply directly from batteries, ensuring no downtime during the replacement process.

The faulty unit is then sent to an international repair centre. Flexenclosure and its partners will, as part of service agreements, ensure that there is always a sufficient inventory of spare eSite x10 units available in country for any potential swaps. Extended warranty programs of up to seven years are available.

The simplicity of the eSite x10’s handling on site (initial installation and replacement of faulty main unit) makes it very easy to manage by local partners – companies that are typically already carrying out generator-related or other services on site. Flexenclosure provides a partner services program for such companies. To find out more please get in touch.

Flexenclosure eSite x10 logistics

Remote support and software maintenance

Flexenclosure provides two comprehensive Remote Support and Software Maintenance (RSSM) packages for eSite x10 – standard RSSM and RSSM Plus.

The standard RSSM package includes all software updates, KPI reporting, remote support and system audits. The RSSM Plus package includes all of the above with the addition of enhanced system auditing and reporting, system optimisation, bad site
performance tracking and annual maintenance support.

Formalised processes are in place to manage all support requests and to provide reporting on actions taken, problem resolution and training on avoiding similar situations in future. Enabled by eSite Tools, Flexenclosure’s RSSM service will give you peace of mind for the full lifetime of your eSite network power equipment.

For more information download the eSite Support Services datasheet.

RSSM Features Standard Plus
Remote Support
Remote system expert support
Third line support via phone and e-mail for system issues and alarms
Access to eSite system experts
Local Support
in-country expert
Not available
Local support at customer’s request
eSite fault analysis
System optimisation
eSite Tools support
Asset and inventory management
Sofware Updates
eSite and eSite Tools
software maintenance
All on-going eSite and eSite Tools software updates
Monthly KPI reports Standard KPI reports including genset runhours, grid utilisation,
energy reports, fuel reports, etc.
Monthly network audit Not available Analysis and report of the eSite
power network performance KPIs, including optimisation
Annual remote eSite
system network audit
Analysis and report of the eSite
power network performance KPIs, including optimisation
In person workshop for full trend
analysis of long-term network
performance audit results,
system optimisation and
enhancement recommendations