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eCentre is a complete, pre-equipped, custom designed modular data centre, a technical facility to house and power data and communication equipment. A modern prefabricated alternative to traditional structures, eCentre has a project duration typically five times shorter than a brick and mortar facility and unparalleled predictability in terms of time, cost, quality and energy efficiency, all guaranteed by Flexenclosure.

eCentre’s open floor space design allows fully flexible placement of internal walls to create rooms  with separate climate and fire zones. This means that an eCentre can be compartmentalised so that a data centre, energy centre, operator facilities, etc., can all have their own specific areas, all within a single eCentre building and all tailored to meet the customer’s specific business needs. In this way, eCentre avoids the limitations of the rigid floor plans of containerised data centre solutions.

We deliver piece-of-mind by taking on the full data centre project, including a custom design with modular expansion plan; production and testing in a clean-room factory environment; transport to site; civil works and site installation and commissioning. We are independent of any equipment brands and thus free to design the best possible customer solution and to make use of the best available components and new technologies.

We offer flexible financing and a full range of data centre services, including training, Remote Support & System Maintenance (RSSM), local support, preventative maintenance, and warranty.

Optimised for energy efficiency and low TCO, eCentre is specifically designed to be fast to deploy, energy efficient, easy to expand and fully future proof.  It has all the benefits of prefabricated modular buildings and none of the limitations of containerised solutions.

eCentre Guarantees:

  • Guaranteed on time
  • Guaranteed cost
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency

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Modular data centre - Flexenclosure eCentre - Mozambique - Internal
Modular data centre - Flexenclosure eCentre - Mozambique Close-up
Modular data centre - Flexenclosure eCentre - Mozambique 2