eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


eCentre™ is a custom-designed prefabricated data centre building that can be fully pre-equipped and tested in the factory. A modular prefabricated alternative to traditional structures, eCentre has a project duration typically five times shorter than a brick and mortar facility and unparalleled predictability in terms of time, cost, quality and energy efficiency, all guaranteed by Flexenclosure.

eCentre’s open floor space design allows fully flexible placement of internal walls to create custom layouts with dedicated space for data centre, colocation, energy centre, operator facilities, etc. In this way, eCentre avoids the limitations of the rigid floor plans of containerised data centre solutions. eCentre allows modular expansion in steps of 100kW to 10MW without risk of operational interruption.

Flexenclosure takes care of civil works and site engineering to ensure peace of mind for a full turnkey project delivery. eCentre civils can reduce project time by half compared to traditional civil works, using prefabricated elements. We can also assist in site selection as well as designing optimal site layouts for particular sites.

As part of our turnkey eCentre delivery, we handle design, installation, testing, transport and commissioning services for eCentre and all included systems. We are independent of any equipment brands and thus free to design the best technical customer solution taking into account availability of, and/or preference regarding, local support. We offer flexible financing and a full range of customer eCentre services to ensure trouble-free ownership long after the warranty period has ended.

For Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4 facilities, eCentre prefabricated data centre buildings are the clear solution.

Optimised for energy efficiency and low TCO, eCentre is specifically designed to be fast to deploy, energy efficient, easy to expand and fully future proof.  It has all the benefits of prefabricated modular buildings and none of the limitations of containerised solutions.

eCentre Guarantees

eCentre guarantees

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