eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


Data centre colocation

Precise timing of facility expansion is key for data centre colocation providers to maintain a high level of utilisation (return on capital) while avoiding missing out on new customers due to lack of capacity.

At the same time, traditional building projects take a long time to complete and are prone to delays and budget overruns. eCentre makes the task of expansion planning significantly easier by providing a fixed-price, 6 month turnkey delivery of Tier 3 colocation data centre buildings. Quality is assured by managing equipment installation in a clean-room factory environment prior to shipping the building to site. And as part of turnkey delivery, we take on all civil works and site engineering.

eCentre can be up to three storeys high to maximise efficient use of available land, in prime metropolitan locations for example. Second and third floors can be added whenever needed as vertical expansions to allow for customer growth. The flexible eCentre floor plan provides multi-level security, separates server white space from power and cooling equipment, and can be custom designed to meet the operational requirements of each colocation provider.

In all cases, generous room height up to 5.4 meters enables designs that are future proof with convenient Tier 3 or even Tier 4 expansion of power, cooling, cabling, private suites, etc. Flexenclosure is equipment brand agnostic meaning colocation providers can select their preferred brands for power, cooling, etc, for operational and service contract alignment with existing colocation data centres.

Colocation sites are built in 300kW to 1 MW steps and can be extended in a modular fashion to reach end capacities exceeding 10MW. Modular power systems and a range of free air cooling options allow for lowest possible PUE for lower power and cooling charges to customers and best environmental efficiency in all geographical locations.


eCentre Colocation