eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


Guaranteed on time

eCentre is produced in a controlled factory environment with on-site work reduced to a minimum. Given that it is therefore a factory-built product rather than a construction project, the lead-time is fully predictable and typically five times shorter than that for a traditional brick and mortar building. Once the eCentre modules have reached the customer site, installation and commissioning is fast, typically with up to 165m² deployed per week.

Guaranteed cost

CAPEX and OPEX are minimised through efficient space and energy management. Project cost is predictable with no budget overruns and CAPEX is limited because only the required power capacity, cooling capacity, and floor space is initially deployed, which can then be later expanded as needed.  Low OPEX is guaranteed through the optimised design of eCentre leading to better cost performance. And our services will help keep your eCentre in shape for continued best in class performance.

Guaranteed quality

eCentre is built from seam-welded steel modules backed by a 20 year warranty. By building and testing all our eCentres in a controlled environment prior to site delivery, we guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability. Our craftsmanship is proven with 20+ years of delivering projects in extremely challenging environments like Sub-Saharan Africa and North Sea oil rigs.

Guaranteed energy efficiency

eCentre is designed with the most efficient cooling and power systems required by each specific facility and its geographical location. Indirect free air cooling provides up to 70% electricity savings with no risk of internal contamination in dusty or humid areas. Flexenclosure calculates and can guarantee a PUE value for every deployment.