eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


Comprehensive services portfolio

Flexenclosure provides training and support services to help ensure eCentre uptime, energy efficiency and timely expansion planning.

eCentre training helps ensure that the organisation taking on daily operations is confident to do so. Training includes system handling, performance analysis, alarm management, troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance. Flexenclosure can provide on-site assistance during an eCentre start-up period.

eCentre standard support services include remote expert assistance, where Flexenclosure uses the eCentre DCIM system to collect data for fault analysis. The DCIM uses Ethernet/IP communication with critical equipment including cooling systems and UPS, which gives us detailed remote access to real-time data and logs. A monthly KPI report is provided covering PUE, power consumption and supply per source, genset operation, and cooling system operation. Also included in the eCentre standard support is software maintenance, scheduled system maintenance reminders and an annual remote eCentre audit.

eCentre additional support services include an annual audit on site, to help ensure that the eCentre has been properly maintained and to suggest how it can be further optimized. Flexenclosure also offers scheduled proactive maintenance performed on site, for all supplied systems or a subset thereof. A local eCentre supervisor can be provided during a start-up period or as a permanent solution.

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