Overcoming the challenges of data centre growth. Can new data centre construction keep pace with demand?

26th February 2019

Flexenclosure’s prefabricated eCentre data centre for Millicom/Tigo in Santa Cruz, Bolivia The data centre industry is looking forward to a sustained period of enormous growth. While there will be construction challenges, there is already a solution, says Jos Baart, vice president sales and marketing at Flexenclosure We are living in an explosion of data. More…

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Industrialising the rollout of edge data centres

24th September 2018

Flexenclosure eCentre data centre in Bogota, Colombia David King, CEO, Flexenclosure, looks at how industrialising the prefabrication of new data centres is the way of the future Data is being generated and consumed in exponentially increasing amounts. Businesses have already become extremely data dependent. Governments increasingly so. In our own daily lives, most of us are rarely…

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For Ultimate Data Centre Security,
Technology is Not the Answer

18th June 2018

The security of data – and in particular people’s personal data – has been a hot topic in recent months.  The EU’s rollout of new GDPR regulations; the Cambridge Analytica scandal; or the seemingly weekly revelations of financial institutions or consumer service providers which have had their databases hacked, are all examples most of us…

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Data centre design and build is evolving – here’s why…

4th April 2018

With new data centre capacity needed at an ever-accelerating pace, rushing the delivery of a new facility significantly increases risk.  Find out how off-site construction, integration and testing prior to final on site commissioning can deliver a fully customised data centre, on budget, with greatly reduced risk and in a fraction of the time required…

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Moving Data Centres North is a Move in the Right Direction

23rd October 2017

The Nordic region is leading the race to become the world’s prime location for data centres. Industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are leading by example, having already established facilities in the north.  Nordic governments are committed to attracting and developing the data centre industry and compete with one another by reducing…

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Solar-only tower sites – a recipe for success or failure?

27th September 2017

The mobile telecommunications landscape has been changing over the past few years, particularly in the world’s developing economies.  With customers demanding expanded rural network rollout and cost competition putting pressure on CAPEX and OPEX, mobile network operators (MNOs) have been looking for ways to reduce their costs – particularly at tower sites where the cost…

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Five reasons why ESCOs are the future for African telecom tower power

25th September 2017

The single biggest challenge to being able to offer stable and reliable mobile phone services in Africa is power.  Or more precisely, the lack of reliable power at telecoms tower sites.  Hundreds of thousands of towers across the continent are located in areas without access to reliable electricity grids – or indeed, any electricity grid…

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The Data Centre Opportunity for Cable Landing Stations

13th September 2017

The first ever submarine cable – laid in the English Channel in 1851 – heralded a new era of communication.  And nearly 170 years later the world’s oceans are now crisscrossed by hundreds of thousands of kilometres of cable – long enough to get to the moon and back, and with plenty to spare! There…

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Africa Needs Data Centres Fast. Here’s the Solution…

21st August 2017

Every day people around the world generate 500 million tweets, post 4.3 billion Facebook messages and make 6 billion Google searches.  And these numbers are growing, driven not least by Africa’s relatively young population which, in the last 18 months, has seen a huge 47% increase in active mobile social users. Of course social media…

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Prefabrication – The Winning Formula for Edge Data Centres

29th June 2017

Speed to data.  That’s what it’s all about.  In a world where data is being increasingly generated and demanded planet-wide rather than just in the Tier 1 cities, the winners in the colocation and cloud services race will be the companies that can deliver data the fastest to end users worldwide. But here’s the issue……

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