Code of Business Ethics


To maintain a high ethical standard, Flexenclosure has issued a document called “Code of Business Ethics” that applies across the entire company and is applicable to all activities within the company. It’s based on the UN Global Compact 10 principles, categorised in four areas;

  • Labor Standard

We will not compromise health or safety in the workplace for production or profit.  It is the goal at every Flexenclosure location to have and maintain a safe workplace.  Health and Safety policies and procedures are published for all our offices and work sites.
All employees must perform their duties while following the published health and safety rules, and must promptly report any concerns, safety violations or incidents.

Flexenclosure does not use child labour or forced labour.

Flexenclosure respects the freedom of individual employees to join or refrain from joining legally authorized associations or organizations.

We consider diversity as a strength and honour and respect all who choose to work for us. Every employee must respect the people and cultures with whom or in which they work.  We seek diversity at all levels and expect a work environment in which all employees can develop and contribute to their full potential. We give equal opportunity for employment to all individuals, regardless of their race, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, origin, disability, age or other status of individuals unrelated to the individual’s right to perform work.

  • Environment

Flexenclosure works in a manner that protects and promotes the well-being of the environment.  We minimize any harmful effects of our operations on the natural environment and finite resources. We will comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation.


  • Anti-corruption

Flexenclosure does not accept any form of unethical business including all Corrupt-, Fraudulent-, Coercive-, Collusive- or Obstructive Practices.

  • Human Rights

We support human rights consistent with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and will consider carefully before trading with, or investing in, countries which are governed by regimes that do not adhere to the UN Declaration.