Health, Occupational Safety & Environment Policy

Flexenclosure provides and sustains a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

This is achieved by integrating health and safety into all our processes and procedures and by creating a company culture within which we believe that all accidents are preventable.

The goal of the company’s work environment is to create a physically, mentally and socially healthy and stimulating workplace for all employees.

Every employee shall understand the importance of their own work and be given the opportunity to influence their own work situation and their own health.

Flexenclosure shall aim to minimize its negative impacts on the environment.

Flexenclosure’s HSE key activities are as follows:

  • Leadership shall promote safety at all levels.
  • Management team shall define and revise the HSE goals every year.
  • Managers are responsible for healthy and safe working conditions and shall work together with their employees to gain their participation and encourage co-responsibility for HSE matters.
  • Perform risk analyses when introducing new technologies or working methods.
  • Using environmentally sound technologies
  • Using waste management procedures.
  • Education of the HSE policy and procedures for all employees
  • Evaluate performance and continually improve the HSE procedures.

Safety, Health and environmental legislation and client requirements creates minimum requirements for HSE compliance but Flexenclosure seeks to maintain a higher standard.  Ideas for improvements in our HSE performance can come from laws, client demands, staff ideas, technical and economic advances.

Health & Safety

The occupational safety is of great importance for Flexenclosure. The Health, Occupational Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy is the set of basic principles and guidelines that will guide the company management regarding the health and safety of the staff, working environment and the impact on the external environment.

Procedures regarding Health, Occupational Safety and Environment are described in the Flexenclosure HSE manual; e.g. operations, travel safety, emergencies, information and education, follow-up and records.

For each customer project that involves construction work at site, a HSE Project Plan will be issued to assess the potential HSE risks involved with the project mission.



Flexenclosure should protect the environment, use resources in a sustainable manner, recycle of wastes and products and handle residual wastes in an acceptable manner. Our design process should design for sustainability. In our projects we shall consider hazards and risks regarding environmental impacts.