Srikanth Murugan

Global Director Sales Engineering, Flexenclosure

Srikanth Murugan has spent nearly two decades working in the telecommunications industry around the world. He is particularly experienced in pre-sales and project management, and balances keen business insight with deep technical expertise. For the last three years Srikanth has led the Sales Engineering function at Flexenclosure, responsible for designing bespoke customer data centre solutions.

Posts by Srikanth Murugan
Still keeping your hybrid power systems indoors? It’s time for change…
Monday 3 April 2017

Mobile telecommunications network equipment is expected to work without issue 24/7.  There is no compromise on this, which is why transmission equipment, BTS systems, RF equipment, etc., are designed, tested and built for operation in the most demanding of environmental conditions. This is especially important in the developing world where the weather – particularly heat…

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What Makes an “Ideal” Data Centre?
Wednesday 15 February 2017

Data centres come in all shapes and sizes, their designs driven by a multitude of factors.  These can be highly disparate, from the purpose it is used for; to the physical environmental it is located in; the materials it’s constructed of; or even who it is designed – global colocation companies, cloud computing specialists, telecom…

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Four Trends for Data Centres in 2016
Thursday 25 February 2016

The proliferation of smart handsets, constant rollout of new applications and the on-going expansion of mobile networks into previously under- or entirely un-served communities in developing nations is driving exponential data growth that shows no signs of abating any time soon. To cope with this data boom, increasing numbers of new mega data centres are…

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Five Questions You Should Always Ask About PUE
Wednesday 28 October 2015

Developed by The Green Grid, PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a very useful metric for measuring the energy efficiency of a data centre.  PUE is simply calculated by dividing the overall power entering the facility by the power consumed by the IT load within it – the target being to get as close as possible…

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Three Ways to Use Solar Energy for Data Centres
Wednesday 19 August 2015

“Energy efficiency” is undoubtedly a watchword in the data centre industry.  Many ICT companies now have corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes focussed specifically on reducing their data centres’ carbon footprints and every data centre operator wants to be able to promote the fact that their data centre is green. Of course there are a number…

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Why Standard Data Centre Designs Don’t Work
Thursday 9 July 2015

Fast deployment time versus traditional brick and mortar facilities is one of the biggest advantages of prefabricated data centres.  Time can be saved in many areas of a project, however, when it comes to the actual initial design phase, it simply doesn’t pay to take shortcuts. One such shortcut used by many containerised data centre…

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The Five Key Questions to Ask When Designing
a New Data Centre
Tuesday 23 June 2015

When considering what you need in a new data centre, it’s very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get caught up in the minutiae.  The resulting design can often end up being far from ideal, causing delays while it gets reworked or, worse still, significant long-term problems if it actually gets built. …

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