Flexenclosure cable landing station helps expand
Internet access in Fiji


Fiji is a well-established submarine cable hub with connections to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, the United States and Vanuatu. However, while Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, had enjoyed high speed Internet services for some time, the country’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, was still not directly connected.

With access to affordable high speed Internet for all Fijians being a major part of the Fijian Government’s vision for the country, the Fiji Connectivity Project was established to support the construction of a new broadband cable linking the existing Southern Cross submarine cable network to Vanua Levu, 150km north of Suva.

The Challenge

In order to terminate the cable, Fiji would need a cable landing station ready and waiting in the town of Savusavu, Vanua Levu.

It was critical that the new facility should be ready well before the cable ship arrived, so a very fast completion was mandated – a challenge that was made more difficult by the fact that the materials, tools and expertise required to build such a facility were completely unavailable locally.

The challenge was further compounded by the site’s remote location and the fact that the road to it was not ideal. Transport to site – for both people and materials – would therefore be problematic.

Fiji’s position in the Pacific’s Ring of Fire – a 40,000km long region in which 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes occur – meant that the facilities would need to be built to withstand potentially devastating earthquakes.

And with the Pacific known for its extreme weather conditions, the new cable landing station would need to be able to withstand the worst weather that could be thrown at it in its coastal position, including the  ossibility of flooding at the low-lying site.

The Solution

The Fijian government identified Flexenclosure’s eCentre cable landing station as the ideal solution:

  • Flexenclosure prefabricated a 21sqm eCentre cable landing station module, with power and cooling, at its factory in Sweden and then shipped it complete to Fiji.
  • The cable landing station was designed to withstand seismic zone 4 activity as well as category 5 cyclones.
  • The facility is raised off the ground to help protect it against potential tsunamis. Its C4 class corrosive coating will also protect it against the highly saline conditions at the site.
  • Local access issues were overcome by delivering the facility almost all the way to the site by barge.
  • The platform the cable landing station sits on has been preconfigured to allow for the facility to expand when additional cables arrive.
  • Flexenclosure worked closely with the network equipment suppliers in order to optimise the facility’s
    limited footprint for them.
  • And on-target delivery meant that the project was delivered on-time and under budget.

The Flexenclosure Advantage

By working with Flexenclosure, the Fijian government was able to capitalise on a number of significant eCentre differentiators:

  • Flexenclosure is a specialist in prefabricated eCentre cable landing stations specifically for the submarine cable industry. They can be built to accommodate permanent staff or to be unmanned 24 x7 facilities.
  • Maximum preparation, configuration and testing of the cable landing station in Flexenclosure’s factory in Sweden ensured the extreme level of quality and reliability required of this mission critical facility before its delivery to Vanua Levu.
  • The same team that built the eCentre in Sweden travelled to Fiji for its installation and final commissioning, thus ensuring the precise attention to detail found in all eCentre facilities.
  • With eCentre’s modular construction, facilities can easily be expanded to accommodate additional subsea cables as they arrive, or networking and data equipment as traffic grows, all without interrupting on-going operations.
  • Flexenclosure’s unique prefabrication project management process enables a cable landing station to be designed, constructed, delivered and installed anywhere in the world very fast – typically less than six months after the order is placed.

And with extensive experience deploying prefabricated cable landing stations and data centres in some of the most remote and challenging environments worldwide, Flexenclosure is always able to bring creative ideas, fully tested solutions and total peace of mind.

The construction of this eCentre is a major step forward in our campaign to bring all Fijians, regardless of geography, into the fold to meet the demands of a dynamic 21st century economy. This project will bring enormous benefits for local businesses and ordinary people will enjoy connections with their fellow Fijians and with the rest of the world like never before.”

Aiyaz Syed-Khaiyum, Attorney-General, Fiji

Download the complete eCentre Data Centre Case Study

Download a PDF of the case study and find out more about the challenge faced by the Fijian Government, the solution offered by Flexenclosure and the advantages delivered by eCentre.