eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


When building any new data centre facility, the civil works stage is a major element of the overall site engineering required.

Traditional civil works are very intensive in terms of labour, materials, cost and time, making it impossible for ICT companies to respond to market needs for site expansions or new facilities at the pace dictated by today’s data boom.

The Solution is eCentre Civils

eCentre Civils use prefabricated elements to reduce civils-related on-site project time by up to 50% compared to traditional civil works. Based on the use of prefabricated module pedestals, pre-assembled formwork shuttering and above ground cable management, the result is a significant reduction in the amount of excavation, formwork, re-bar and concrete required.

Situating cabling and services above ground also makes on-going management and maintenance of the site much simpler, less disruptive and more cost effective. eCentre Civils are less labour intensive; have a lower environmental impact; are more predictable in terms of both quality and cost; and are a more economically effective solution overall versus traditional civil works.

Just as with our eCentre prefabricated data centre buildings, the majority of the components are factory produced and shipped to site ready for final assembly. Using a much smaller footprint than traditional civil works, eCentre civils ensure maximum use of available site space and also allow for multi-story construction.

Modular and Flexible

The methodology is very flexible and suitable for most climatic and environmental conditions, including seismic zones. And eCentre civils are fully modular – should the site need to grow in the future, the eCentre Civils can be expanded together with the eCentre building itself, with no operational interruption to the pre-existing facility.

Flexenclosure can assist in site selection as well as designing optimal layouts for particular sites, to cater for business, operational and environmental considerations. We also carefully manage construction plans to ensure minimal disturbance to neighbours.

eCentre Civil Works

eCentre Civils use prefabricated elements to reduce civils-related on-site project time by up to 50% compared to traditional civil works.

Uptime Institute Compliant

eCentre Civils have been designed in line with the Uptime Institute’s guidelines and are compliant with Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centre requirements, with all components being concurrently maintainable and full redundancy provided for routings, cabling and piping. They are also fully compliant with British and European standards and we ensure compliance with local building standards worldwide.

Our guiding philosophy is “what we can see, we can manage”, so all services and structures are visible for ease of access and maintenance.

Flexenclosure’s eCentre and eCentre Civils deliver fastest time to market for any new data centre project. For more information download the eCentre Civils datasheet, or read the MTN Cote d’Ivoire case study to find out more about our turnkey project capabilities.