eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


Flexenclosure is a specialist in delivering prefabricated eCentre cable landing stations specifically for the submarine cable industry. They can be built to accommodate permanent staff or to be unmanned 24×7 facilities.

And with eCentre’s modular construction, facilities can easily be expanded to accommodate additional equipment as data traffic grows, all without interrupting on-going operations.

Key benefits of Flexenclosure’s cable landing stations include:

Fast Deployment

Prefabricating the facility significantly reduces the overall project duration, with the result that Flexenclosure can deliver a typical cable landing station on site in just five months.

Highest Quality

Cable landing stations are typically exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions. Flexenclosure takes the possibility of natural disasters into account when designing each and every eCentre facility, and building and testing the module(s) in a controlled environment prior to site delivery guarantees the highest possible quality and reliability.

Turnkey Solutions

Cable landing stations can usually be catered for with one of Flexenclosure’s three single module solutions (21m², 42m² or 55m²), each of which can then be customised in a variety of ways to accommodate specific customer and facility requirements. This can include working with cable landing station equipment suppliers to preinstall the equipment, so when the facility is shipped to site it is completely ready for service.

Flexenclosure has significant experience building prefabricated modular eCentre facilities in over 30 countries worldwide. These include deployments for telecommunications, oil platforms, medical facilities and military applications, all in extremely challenging environments.

The result is a product that can be relied upon for maximum uptime and a long lifetime for mission critical facilities.