Vodacom Tanzania Powers Up with eCentre

Vodacom Tanzania


Vodacom Tanzania is the leading mobile network operator in Tanzania. They provide over 10 million consumer and business subscribers with state-of-the-art services and the widest network coverage in the country, with a reputation for quality that is second to none.
However, when a battery-related fire at Vodacom’s main data and switching centre in Dar es Salaam shut their entire network down, all national and international voice and data services to all subscribers were lost for 16 hours.

It was a major disaster.

The Challenge

A new energy centre was needed – an energy centre that was fully future proofed and that could be relied upon to guarantee that a situation like this could never happen again.

The facility had to be built in a residential area where access was limited and disruptive construction would have to be kept to an absolute minimum.

And with Vodacom Tanzania’s existing energy centre very badly damaged, the new facility needed to be installed extremely fast.

The Solution

Flexenclosure’s eCentre was chosen for Vodacom Tanzania’s new energy centre.
In order to guarantee full redundancy, it was designed to consist of two completely standalone energy centre modules, which were further divided into separate fire zones.

This allows for the isolation of any potential single point of failure and thus minimises the risk of any negative impact on business continuity should a similar incident occur.

In addition, to ensure trouble-free operation a DCIM system was installed. This provides 24/7 remote monitoring and expert access to all critical systems in the new facility, enabling early detection and fast resolution of any technical issues.

And uptime is further guaranteed as the facility is capable of keeping Vodacom’s network live even in the event of a major grid power failure.

The result is an energy centre facility that provides Vodacom Tanzania and their customers complete peace of mind that power-related service interruptions are truly a thing of the past.

The Flexenclosure Advantage

By working with Flexenclosure, Vodacom Tanzania were able to capitalise on a number of significant eCentre differentiators:

  • This is a state-of-the-art energy centre with advanced fire detection and suppression systems to safeguard against any future fire risks
  • Maximum preparation, configuration and testing of the modules in Flexenclosure’s factory in Sweden ensured the extreme level of quality and reliability required of this mission critical facility before its delivery to Dar es Salaam for final commissioning
  • Flexenclosure managed the manufacture, transportation and installation of the eCentre as a full turnkey project, custom designing the energy centre to precise Vodacom Tanzania requirements

And with extensive experience deploying prefabricated data centre and technical facilities in the most challenging environments in over 50 countries, Flexenclosure is always able to bring creative ideas, fully tested solutions and total peace of mind…. fast.

”We are committed to providing our customers with world class services. By installing Flexenclosure’s energy centre solution, we’re assured that we have mitigated power related outages and that our customers will remain confidently connected on our Vodacom network.” 

Ian Ferrao, Managing Director
Vodacom Tanzania

Download the Vodacom Tanzania eCentre Data Centre Case Study

Download a PDF of the case study and find out more about the challenge faced by Vodacom Tanzania, the solution offered by Flexenclosure and the advantages delivered by eCentre.