eCentre Prefabricated Data Centre Buildings


Prefabricated Solutions

eCentre is pre-manufactured and tested in a clean factory environment in Sweden. Maximising preparation in the factory minimises total project time and experience shows us that one hour of factory time is worth four hours on site.The same team that builds an eCentre in the factory installs and commissions the eCentre on site. This approach gives continuity to the process and minimises possible on-site glitches.


The eCentre Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system monitors cooling, UPS/DC systems, gensets, power consumption, breakers, access systems, fire fighting systems and other parts of the eCentre which need monitoring for guaranteed performance. DCIM will follow the eCentre custom design to meet specific customer needs and can be expanded to include additional monitoring points. DCIM allows for remote support and monitoring, which enables data centre management to secure both uptime and optimal performance.

Data centre - Flexenclosure eCentre DCIM

Racks, network and customer equipment

The data centre can be prepared for any type of customer equipment, and include pre-installed server/network racks, PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and structured cabling (Cat 6 and fibre). We can also include the installation of customer IT equipment in our clean-room factory before transport to site.


We customise an energy-efficient and reliable (Tier 1-4) system, from high-voltage grid input to stabilised low-voltage distribution, to provide all equipment with steady power. This also includes the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), for switching to backup power from gensets and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or DC systems.

Data centre - Flexenclosure eCentre


We include heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems which ensure an energy-efficient data centre environment that suits both equipment and people. A variety of cooling technologies are supported, including free-air cooling, to provide the most efficient cooling and containment solution for each location and rack power load (0-45kW).

Data centre - Flexenclosure eCentre HVAC


eCentre is a highly robust, seam-welded steel building. To further protect the equipment and the facility’s personnel, we can install surveillance cameras (CCTV), fire detectors, extinguishing systems and access systems such as card or biometric readers.


The exterior of any eCentre is fully customisable. It can be left in its original tough corrugated steel form, or clad in any required material to give it the façade of a more traditional building. A sun roof can be included (to reduce the strain on the cooling system) as well as stairs, ramps and any other modifications required.

Tigo Paraguay


Our eCentre modules offer great design flexibility and can be customised for different parts of the data centre by adding insulation, raised floors, lighting, airlocks, emergency lighting and furniture. eCentre includes cable trays and cable management to keep the installation tidy and well organised.