Rectifier Failure in Emerging Markets – A Thing of the Past?

16th January 2017

Many emerging markets are plagued by bad AC power due to unstable power grids, faulty grid stabilisation equipment and old or poorly maintained gensets. This is fundamentally different from the power issues typically observed in more developed markets, so it’s hardly surprising when power conversion electronics designed for developed markets commonly fail when used in…

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Three Critical Uses of Data for Off-Grid Telecom Power

16th December 2016

Consumers in off-grid areas are rapidly increasing their use of mobile Internet services.  At the same time they not only expect service to become more reliable, but they also want network coverage to expand and prices for mobile data plans to decrease too.  This is a big ask for mobile operators struggling to achieve base…

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Prefabricated or ISO container – which way for ultimate data centre flexibility?

16th August 2016

In a previous article I looked at the pros and cons of prefabricated construction versus traditional build for ultra-high performance data centres.  Well the jury is in on this question and it is clear that traditionally built brick and mortar data centres are increasingly a thing of the past, while prefabricated facilities represent the future…

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Prefabricated Construction or Traditional Build for Ultra-High Performance Data Centres?

28th April 2016

The modern datacentre is a fully integrated machine. Systems that previously simply co-existed under the same roof are now expected to work seamlessly together, and with the growing importance of DCIM ultra fine-tuning of a data centre’s performance is the new norm. At least this is how it should be.  But while the individual components…

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Batteries for Hybrid Off-Grid Power –
Five Key Questions you Should Ask

22nd March 2016

In backup applications for telecom sites in developed markets with stable grids, battery operation is a well-understood topic with expected battery lifetime of more than ten years.  However, for telecom sites in emerging markets with very unstable or no power grids at all, things are not quite so straightforward… In these scenarios, batteries are typically…

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Four Trends for Data Centres in 2016

25th February 2016

The proliferation of smart handsets, constant rollout of new applications and the on-going expansion of mobile networks into previously under- or entirely un-served communities in developing nations is driving exponential data growth that shows no signs of abating any time soon. To cope with this data boom, increasing numbers of new mega data centres are…

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The Importance of Reliable Fuel Monitoring for Hybrid Power Systems

21st January 2016

With generators powering most of the telecom sites in Africa, diesel is the number one factor driving operational cost.  Obvious questions result:  How much diesel is any given site actually consuming?  When is it time to refill?  Is fuel consumption in line with the expected performance of your installed power solution?  Is there an issue…

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The Economics of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

26th November 2015

PUE has been an important metric in the data centre world for some time now.  Companies running data centre facilities typically strive for the lowest PUE they can achieve in order to reduce their operating costs and promote their green environmental credentials.  My colleague, Srikanth Murugan, recently demonstrated how to cut through the marketing hype…

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Five Keys to ICT Project Success in Developing Nations

16th November 2015

With the data boom in parts of Asia and much of Africa continuing to grow exponentially, business opportunities in the ICT sector have never been more exciting.  However, they have probably never been more challenging either, and deployments that would be considered relatively straightforward in much of the western world face more onerous obstacles in the…

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Five Questions You Should Always Ask About PUE

28th October 2015

Developed by The Green Grid, PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a very useful metric for measuring the energy efficiency of a data centre.  PUE is simply calculated by dividing the overall power entering the facility by the power consumed by the IT load within it – the target being to get as close as possible…

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