Diesel Maths Just Doesn’t Add Up

19th September 2013

Diesel is the fuel of Africa. Without it, the continent would grind to halt. So the constant chug of countless generators has become the familiar soundtrack to my many visits there. This set me thinking about just how much diesel is being consumed at telecom base station sites – so let’s do some quick ‘diesel…

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Green energy for mobile – the time is now

23rd July 2013

I have often wondered why mobile operators aren’t keener to adopt money saving green power solutions for their networks? After all, intelligent use of such solutions in developing markets can save operators up to 20% of their total cost mass, freeing up capital to expand their footprint and make the necessary investments to serve the…

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The New Startup Continent?

15th May 2013

I saw a great documentary recently – The Startup Kids – about how young web entrepreneurs in the US and Europe are changing the world, enabled by the simplest of tools – an Internet-connected laptop.  It left me wondering what it would take for twenty-somethings in Africa to be able to do the same?  Wouldn’t it be…

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The ‘multiplier effect’ of eSites and phones

12th April 2013

In the West, it’s all too easy to take technology for granted. Desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, flatscreen TVs, MP3 players, are anywhere and everywhere. But in many parts of Africa, Asia and South America, these devices are rarely seen, let alone owned.However, there’s one piece of technology that is – the humble basic mobile phone.…

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An Exciting Thought…

3rd March 2013

This is my fist blog post since becoming the CEO of Flexenclosure 16 months ago.  We are an expansion-stage company creating products for emerging economies in Africa and Asia.  Every single week we encounter new challenges and make new discoveries, many of them worthy of a first blog post. Looking back at the first half…

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